Montezuma’s Revenge

Named after the Aztec ruler, Moctezuma II, this stomach bug is one of the most common illnesses suffered by tourists. Essentially it is travelers diarrhea with an unhappy twist (usually going on in your stomach). Cramping, nausea, fever, bloating, projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea are common, sometimes all at the same time!

Montezuma’s revenge is real and really, really, blows goats on all levels. I can attest to this from a truly unpleasant 4 days spent in a resort bathroom in Mazatlan. It can last 1 -7 days! Mild cases can often be remedied with over the counter products like Imodium or Pepto Bismol. More extreme cases may require antibiotics and a visit to the doctor. That is if you can make it there without having an embarrassing accident.

Montezuma’s Revenge is usually caused by ingesting bacteria found in contaminated water and food. Improper food handling, storage, and water are mostly to blame for the bacteria however poor sewer disposal can also play a part in your suffering.

Montezuma's Revenge
Below are some steps you can take to avoid Montezuma’s revenge.

Don’t drink the tap water, don’t brush your teeth with it and avoid washing vegetables and fruit in it. Many resorts claim to have purified water in their taps, I’m sure if they maintain their filters properly this is true, however, After suffering from Montezuma’s revenge I wouldn’t take the chance. It is also a good idea to keep your mouth closed while showering.

Make sure water bottles are sealed from the factory and not just refilled, Yes this actually happens! I have received water bottles that had a different product name on them from the plastic seal, guess what? Poop city for 3 days afterward. Also, ensure your ice cubes are from an approved and reliable source.

Montezuma's revenge

Replace water jugs from water coolers in rentals that were being used by previous tenants. You have no idea where the water came from or how long it has been sitting there.

Loading up on probiotic’s, yogurt, and sour cream a month before your trip can supercharge the enzymes in your stomach to help fend off the bacteria.

A quick visit to your local health food store before you leave can offer up many choices of pills and natural supplements that will help your tummy deal with the bacteria.

Montezuma's revenge

If you have a particularly sensitive stomach then perhaps you may choose to eat only in your resort or approved restaurants in tourist zones. You will, however, miss out on all the wonderful delights that street food can provide you. A good rule of thumb when eating out at side street places is to eat where there is a high turnover of locals eating and the food is made in front of you. The food is fresher and locals don’t like to get ill either. They know where the good and safe eateries are.

Fruits and vegetables bought at the markets should be cleaned with a product called Microdyn, Add a few drops to water and let your fruits and veggies soak for a few minutes before eating. Microdyn can be found in every grocery store. Peeled foods are a safe way to avoid Montezuma when out and about, providing you peeled them. The guy selling peeled oranges in traffic may have rinsed them in water before selling them to you, be cautious.

Montezuma's revenge

Usually, the effects last a few days for which you don’t travel far from your bathroom. If a week goes by and you are not getting better then you must visit a doctor to get antibiotics. Travel hack, take some Imodium on vacation to avoid unpleasant accidents along the way. The last thing you want is to be known as the next trending video on YouTube LOL!

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