Mexico, Essential Items to Pack List

Don’t overpack! Keep in mind, your just visiting not moving to Mexico … Yet!

Mexico, Essential Items to Pack List

The obvious stuff first;

  • An Unlocked smartphone or your own with international calling and data. A definite must have in any country you visit. Don’t forget all your chargers and cables needed while abroad.
  • Camera and gear, extra batteries and extra SD cards, cables, chargers.
  • 3-Remember to pack your Passport, travel documents, a pen, insurance, all your ID and credit cards. Side street travel hack, they should also be copied and emailed to yourself. If any of these are lost or stolen while abroad this is a lifesaver!
  • 4-Biodegradable Eco-friendly suntan lotion and bug repellent, most destinations require it to reduce the impact on the ecosystem. If you are ginger, or just fair skinned, aloe based burn cream or moisturizer will be your best friend.
  • 5-Cash! Although banks and various cash machines can be found in most places, most of the time they have expensive fees, sometimes your info gets taken and can cause nightmares. Sometimes there is no bank machines or internet so cash is king. US dollar bills are the best for tipping, Mexicans seem perplexed with the beauty of the Canadian loonie or Toonie EH!
  • 6-It can be very hot and muggy, light cotton clothes work best, shorts, tee shirts, sundresses, tank tops with flip flops are acceptable most places. For nicer events and restaurants, a pair of slacks and a button up shirt will do. Sunglasses, swimsuit and beach gear is a must as is a comfy pair of shoes for wandering the side streets.
  • 7- Insect repellent! On top of mosquitoes, it helps with a lot of other creepy crawlies that may wander out of the jungles. Deep woods has towelettes which are great because you don’t have to carry a big can everywhere you go.

Less obvious;

  • A small first aid kit with a leather man or other small multi-tool, should be put in your suitcase.
  • Zip-lock bags, great for packing your fluids in on the plane and fabulous for keeping the sand and sea off your phone and camera. They come in handy more often than not.
  • Your Meds and Prescriptions. Medical tourism is high in Mexico. Prescriptions can get filled for a fraction of the price at home. Medical procedures usually are cheaper with no long waits to see a specialist.
  • Sports gear, No matter what your game is, if you don’t like rentals, bring your own. I take my own snorkel gear anytime I go near water!
  • A backpack, If you don’t use one for your carry on luggage then definitely pack one. It makes life so much easier when on day trips.
  • Insulated water bottle or coffee cup. Hydration is important in hot countries! This also cuts down on your environmental footprint when you’re not throwing out plastic bottles and paper coffee cups all day.
  • A good light weight sun hat is a must! Especially if you’re bald like me, It keeps heatstroke and sunburns to a minimum.

These basic items and ideas definitely will help you while exploring Mexico. Have anything to add? Then wander down to the comments section below.

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