Los Aguachiles – Foodie Review

Los Aguachiles - Foodie Review

Los Aguachiles is a true local hidden gem in downtown, and I say that because since its popularity has risen the company has branched out and open multiple locations in Playa del Carmen and even one in Tulum. However if you really want the authentic experience you must visit the location on Calle 34 & 25 Avenue in Playa del Carmen.

This is the original Los Aguachiles restaurant and it's just better, in my opinion. The food is so tasty that it's almost hard to stop when full. If you are feeling exotic and are in need of a refreshing treat, I highly recommend the Mezcal Mussel Shot. It's a unique twist on a standard shot and a unique flavor to this restaurant. The drinks menu is full of options if you prefer something else of course.

Los Aguachiles - Foodie Review

Some of my favorite tacos are the Popeye made with cheese, spinach and fresh shrimp and served on fresh tortilla, however the Figurines with fresh Ceviche are too die for!. Sometimes at Los Aguachiles I eat a little of everything, the offer lettuce tacos (fish taco on lettuce leaf), Tostadas (hard flat crunchy tortilla), Gourmet Tostadas and Ceviche.

All menus items have amazing flavors so it can be very hard to choose. Lets not forget the Aguachiles, the origin

of the restaurants name and a dish that has truly delicious spicy flavor and will cool you down on a hot day. I suggest a cold beer with this plate. Los Aguachilies is an afternoon-evening restaurant, so get there early as its always busy. Los Aguachiles - Foodie Review Favorite Things Budget Friendly Relaxed Quick Food & Service Locals Spot TIP: In Mexico it is considered rude to deliver the check or in Spanish "la cuenta" if it has not been requested by the patron. The great part of this is no one is rushing you out, however if you dont ask it will not arrive.

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