Valladoid is on the list for future inclusion as a World Heritage Site. It's a tranquil yet sizable small town that retains a good number of Colonial era buildings.

Valladolid is located just off highway 180D halfway between Cancun and Merida just a bit north of Coba. The brightly colored buildings and strong Mayan influence make this city a photographer’s wet dream! Having many cathedrals, Cenotes and ruin sites nearby, you are gonna put your camera through an intensive workout.

Travel Times

April and May are good times to go as tourism is slow and good offseason rates are available. It is very hot and muggy year round in this tropical climate.

Must See

Valladolid is centrally located to over 50 colonial churches and cathedrals. As well as the must see Cenote Zaki there is at least 10 Cenotes within biking distance of town. Some are swim-able and others are dry for your exploring needs. Snorkeling and diving tours are a plenty. A good idea for a cheap tour is arraigning to see Mayan families home. You will be surprised with the simplicity of their homes and lives.

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