Merida is a bustling city located 22 miles off the coast of the gulf of Mexico. It is the capital of the state of Yucatan as well as the largest city on the Yucatan peninsula.

Merida has a current population of over 750000 people it is also considered by many “the oldest occupied city in the Americas” Merida is a cultural playground for any side street explorer! Offering multiple museums, galleries, theaters, and shops it’s easy to lose a day or two discovering Merida’s vibrant cultural charm.

Travel Times

Merida’s average temperature ranges from 18-38°C. The rainy season runs from late May to early October with heavy tropical downpours during these months. The weather is routinely affected by the hurricanes of the Caribbean as well as the Golf of Mexico.This should all be taken into perspective when booking your trip. I find the gray areas around rainy season the best for discount bookings and stretching the all mighty buck while still getting the benefit of hot tropic conditions.

Must See

Cinco de Mayo is an event not to miss here in Merida. Held on Nov 1-2 the cultural energy in the air is magical. The city moves with music and dance for the whole week surrounding the event, it is not an experience you will ever forget.

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