Cozumel is Mexicos largest island in the Caribbean Sea located just off the coast by Playa del Carmen.

The island is 48 km long and 16 km wide. The largest city/town is called San Miguel. The economy is strictly tourist based with most visitors coming to the island for its incredible diving and snorkeling. Not a seasoned swimmer, no worries there is also glass bottom boat and submarine tours. Perfect for young children to experience the wonders of this amazing location.

Travel Times

Cozumel has a tropical savanna climate. The rainy season is most predominate during the months of August to November however, it sporadically can rain for several months before August. With a high average humidity of around 85%, the temperatures usually range from 19-35°C and the sea is usually around 24°C.

Must See

The Mesoamerican Reef! The oceans teaming with life, you and your family will be left awestruck by the beauty of the waters and sea life. If you’re a non swimmer it really is worth taking a submarine or glass bottom boat tour! Another must see is the ancient ruins of the Maya people, The tour operators really know their history and it’s impressive to see what life and culture were like centuries ago.

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