Cancun translates to nest of snakes from the Mayan language. Located in the Yucatan peninsula, with no elevations or hills this bustling city is sitting on a bed of porous limestone bedrock with underground rivers and sinkholes. Surrounded by semi-tropical jungle and 14 miles of white sand beaches, Cancun is a hot spot for nightlife and endless beautiful scenery.

Travel Times

Like the rest of the Caribbean, the hurricane season is from June to November. Although it seems like there is no low season to this tropical Paradise the rainy season is from June to October. They have a semi-tropical climate (hot and muggy) The average temperature is between 20-35°C with high humidity (usually over 85%). With an average ocean temperature of around 25°C and an average 240 days of sunshine/year. Cancun is definitely a must on your vacation bucket list

Must See

The white sand beaches and turquoise waters are what draws most tourists to Cancun. If you happen to land during spring break or reading week then get ready to party. Cancun fills up with American college students looking for a good time. Binge drinking, drugs, and debauchery seem to rule. Coco Bongo is awesome, it’s a Vegas style show and nightclub, definitely worth the money!For families, the Interactive Aquarium, Wet and Wild Waterpark and Aquaworld are amazing ways to spend your days.

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