Tequila is located about 60kms from Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco. Famous for being the birthplace of the liquor by the same name.

“Tequila” which is made from the blue agave plant, is native to this area. The popularity of the drink and the rich history behind it has made the city of Tequila and the area surrounding it a World Heritage Site.

Travel Times

The climate is semi-arid with the rainy season in summer and fall. The average seasonal temperature is 23°C and does not vary much between the mountainous highlands and the lowlands. During the first 2 weeks of December, the town holds a famed tequila festival and all the distillers in the area show up with samples of their finest brews to share with the public.


Must See

Jose Cuervo distillery, the first tequila manufacturer offers a range of different tours. The history behind tequila is very interesting and goes back hundreds of years. Although the making of tequila employs about 1/4 of the population, the area does bring in eco-tourists and adventure seekers looking to mountain climb and paraglide.

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