Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco in central Mexico. Its also considered by most to be the home of mariachi music.

Guadalajara the second largest city in the country and considered the cultural center of Mexico. With its many colonial buildings, Guadalajara has great photographic appeal and contains many nice areas for side street exploration, not only in the central hub but also farther out from its core.

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Guadalajara has a humid subtropical climate with warm dry winters and hot wet summers, the average temperature is 10-31°C. The seasonal temperatures are influenced by their high altitude with the rainy season running from June to September. Short sporadic morning and evening downpours that flood the streets are the norm during the rainy season.

Must See

A definite must see is the Guadalajara cathedral, the astounding architecture and artwork are breathtaking.
Take in a soccer game at one of the 3 professional soccer stadiums, local favorites like the Chivas bring in huge crowds of passionate soccer fans without the worry of after game riots like you see in many European countries.
Another fun outing is El Panteon de Belen (Belen Cemetary). It dates back to 1786. these days it has been converted into a museum that is full of folklore and haunting ghost stories. They have day tours and a night tour which many people are afraid to take.

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