Grand Palladium - Resort Review

So I'm a little picky where I spend my cash when it comes to resorts and hotels. I have learned over time that the term “All Inclusive” has a rather vague meaning Each resorts interpretation of the term means a different level of inclusion put simply.

Where one resorts may offer all inclusive food and drinks, the way the manage it can vary a lot. Like being able to order a bottle of wine vs. a glass of wine, or possibly limited room service menus for example.

This is one of the reasons I enjoyed Grand Palladium a lot. The hotels is huge first off, and located on a beautiful beach section just south of Playa del Carmen before Tulum. Meaning great access to other areas or you can stay in and play to the beach where they release turtles (in season) by the hundreds.
Grand Palladium has multiple restaurants located in each area, so eating is a great time even if you just end up at the international buffet (which I loved) you will eat very well. Plus you can order all the drinks you want and the service is fabulous. In the evening there are little booths full of trinkets from local artists available and a theater always lively and full of people for the nightly show.

The resorts pools are great, well positioned and large, plus the beach is gorgeous so you will get to spend lots of time in the sun. I have heard rumors of day passes being available for $60-80 USD, but have not been able to confirm this with the hotel, seems no one is 100% sure. Either way its a great deal, if you can get one.

The rooms were super clean and functional, enough space for everything I had with me and room to lounge after the pool. The bed was surprisingly comfortable and room service was pretty efficient so overall I would say its a safe bet to stay at Grand Palladium in the Riviera Maya.

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