Evass Restaurant

Evass Restaurant is an oasis for delicious food in the most unlikely side street location. If you are in or traveling to Playa Del Carmen, Evass is a "must visit" Restaurant. Its a culinary delight that your taste buds will thank you for!

As a side street adventurer I do my best to avoid chains and support the local community where ever I’m traveling. I seek out places that the typical traveler might not have time to find on their own, usually these places are off the beaten tourist path or away from the “tourist Zones”. Sometimes I find them by word of mouth from friends (like I did with Evass Restaurant) or online through an expat forum. Sometimes I’m just starving and let my nose lead me to the most yummy smelling food nearby.

Evass Restaurant can be found at Calle Diagonal 70 Sur, Ejidal, 77712 Playa del Carmen, Q.R. Its a beautiful building on a rather unsightly stretch of road about 10 mins from Centro in Playa, also about a $10 cab ride. The big white building has water features and lots of available parking outside so its hard to miss amongst the other structures in the area.
The interior is tastefully decorated with a wonderful organic feel. Natural elements like the thick tree slab tables, saltwater tank and the indoor live live Sapote tree give it a real relaxed earthy feel.
The Main floor is dedicated to the restaurant, and I hear the second floor is an art gallery. I will definitely check that out next visit as we were a bit short of time this day.

The owner greeted us at the door with open arms as if we had known each other forever. After he seated us for breakfast beside the large Sapote tree his wonderful staff took over. They waiter was polite and very punctual, my fresh made Americano coffee appeared in what seemed like seconds! The waiter was on his game too, my delish coffee was promptly refilled until I was in caffeine heaven! Evass Restaurant has absolutely top notch service.

The breakfast menu is extensive! It is in Spanish but I hear an English version is coming soon. I took some time to decide what to eat as everything sounded mouth watering. Finally I decided on some eggs benedict due to my intense craving for holandase sauce. The chef absolutely knocked it out of the park too! Sorry mom, it was truly the best eggs benny I have ever had! 3 English muffins with a meaty layer of bacon, and 3 large eggs perfectly cooked, all covered in a layer of amazing hollandase sauce!

As I sat there, stuffed, content, slowly waiting for the caffeine rush from 3 coffees to subside and the food coma to take over. I was happily surprised to see the owner checking on us with some complementary cake. Yay, I love cake! He presented us with a fluffy slice of home made red velvet cake covered in rich cream cheese frosting. Yummy, stuffed or not, cake is cake, so down it went.

The whole meal in such posh surroundings only cost $160 pesos which is around $12 CDN. Anywhere in the tourist zone you would easily pay double for the same meal. Let me rephrase that… You would easily pay double for an imitation of that amazing breakfast. I can hardly wait to try the lunch menu next!.
Even if your not a foodie, I highly recommend checking out Evass Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen. My new favorite side street treasure in Mexico! Treat your taste buds to the time of their life and show your belly the love!
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