Sian Ha

sian ha hotel

Sian-ha is a Private Oceanfront Boutique Hotel. With 14 beautiful modern suites that sleep 2-4 people each, a rooftop terrace with bar, ground floor pool with lots of sunbathing areas. It also has a wonderful poolside palapa dining space beside their professional kitchen. Behind the property is a beautiful sandy beach with very little foot traffic.

Sian-Ha is located in Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya. The side street in to the property is not paved however is easily accessible by car, taxi, or bus. As you come around the last bend in the road before the property the road opens up into a nicely hidden paradise that very few people know exists.

Wifi 4/5

Had no issues with the wifi at all. Seemed to work flawlessly the whole time while I was on the property.


The rooms were spotless upon arrival. Maid service was above average.


Totally felt safe and secure, large entrance way with solid locking doors on gate as well as proper locks on all rooms. Safes in each suite and attentive staff watching the grounds for unwelcome guests to insure your venues privacy.

In Short

Personally I was very impressed with the hotel, friendly staff and the flawlessly up-kept grounds. I had no problems shaking off day to day life and relaxing in such a stellar atmosphere. The property is ideal for weddings( that’s how I found myself there).

Family reunions, or as a work or team building retreat. Sian-Ha is currently not available for room by room rentals but instead is rented as a complete property for $2000-$2800 a day depending on the season you are visiting. In low season that works out to $140/room/night which is pretty good considering the rooms sleep 2-4 people each. The beach and ocean are beautiful in this particular area with very little foot traffic to give you that luxurious off the beaten trail feeling.

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