Encanto Riviera Condo Hotel

We privately rented Suite #….. a 100 m2 apartment, ideal for families or friends of 4 or 5 members. Has 2 bedrooms, 1 Suite with a King Size bed and a private bathroom, and another with two matrimonial beds and a bathroom. Fully equipped kitchen and living-dining room and 2 balcony’s.

Encanto is located in downtown Playa only 5 minutes from the beach and the ever popular 5th ave shopping district. With tons of great shops, restaurants and attractions within walking distance it is really a fabulous location within Playa for a side street traveler to stay. The building has a breathtaking courtyard filled with flowers and greenery that attract birds and small lizards to call it their home. The rooftop pool is ideal for individuals and families looking to unwind and cool down from the hot Mexican sun.

Wifi 5/5

Internet was pretty good. It did go down a couple times during our 10 day stay for short periods and was slow at times but that seems to be above average for Mexican internet standards and a personal connection in the apartment.


At check in our 2 bedroom suite was pretty clean by my standards. However I am a man and there may be some disagreement on this topic from my better half! (she formerly ran a cleaning company) We used the maid service once but they didn’t meet our high expectations.


I felt relatively at ease in our suite although our balcony door lock was broken and there was no safe for us to lock our documents and gear in (a travel hack we used a broom handle that we propped behind the sliding door). The building has a young security guard on duty who is polite enough to also double as the doorman and there is always helpful and informative staff in the building at all hours that speak several languages to manage check ins and cleaning.

In Short

There was many problems with the unit we rented on top of the broken door lock and lack of safe. The top of my gripe list was that the king size bed in the master room was so hard it felt as if we were sleeping on concrete. I got to visit a chiropractor the next day. This is usually a really big problem for me as sleep is a must while travelling.

We were fortunate enough to have the extra room with the 2 double beds, one of which was comfy enough to sleep on but not spacious enough for me to stretch out while sleeping with my partner.

Also our sink leaked and pooled up water in the corners of the counter top as well as filled the electric range with water. Although we had 2 bathrooms we still only had a single smaller water tank so back to back showers were a no go unless your used to cold showers.

On one of our last days in the suite we noticed that the dining table legs had an ants nest inside. smart move for the ants building a nest so close to where the food is. I’m sure had we been staying longer we could have had our suite manager fix all these issues but as it was a temp rental we didn’t bother him with the details till we were leaving.

It cost $52 USD/day plus extras and tax for our suite which is pretty good considering the size of our rental. The best part was that we could walk to almost everywhere we needed to go while staying in Playa del Carmen.

Encantos Riviera location is ideal as Walmart and Mega were within a couple of blocks as well as dozens of budget side street stores and restaurants.

Its close to the beach, coco bongo, 5th ave and yet still was very quiet in the evenings with little foot or vehicle traffic. All in all I would rent here again, just probably in another suite that is part of the buildings rental pool.

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