Side Street Travel

For me there is nothing more exciting than taking the roads less traveled. Meeting new people, experiencing adventures and usually on a shoestring budget. My goal for this blog is to empower people to go explore and discover. To show you all that there that is more to see than juts the typical “hot-spot” vacation area or an expensive tourist zone. When going on side street adventures you will rediscover yourself, your childhood curiosity will thrive and some of the fear-based ideas surrounding travel will fade as you open your mind, body, and soul to the beautiful world around you.

I enjoy an all-inclusive stay at a resort as much as the next guy, however, that’s not always within my budget and those wonderful places are created to keep people in their comfort zones and participate in the resorts APPROVED vendor choices for tours and adventures in the area. Which in turn keeps you paying within the walls of their resort.

If you step outside your comfort zone, remove your fears, and check out the side streets you will always find yourself on a fun adventure. For me, this builds a lasting feeling of accomplishment and adventure that positively builds character and empowers me in all aspects of my life.

About  Rob

Hi, I’m Rob, I’m curious by nature. I live for new adventures, and I speak my mind, often inappropriately, much to the dismay of my girlfriend. My sense of wanderlust and adventure started when I was just a “wee little one”. When I was four I attempted to run away from home. I knew even back then that there is something better out there for me in the world.

I grabbed my little yellow bike, you know the kind with the big banana seat, basket and training wheels. I loaded it up with all the things a little guy could want, candy, hot wheels, and Lego and when my parents weren’t watching I sneaked off. That day I crossed the street for the first time. I remember it being really scary because my parents used fear-based tactics to keep me in line. “What if I get hit by a car” or “attacked by a dog” or god forbid I get “stolen by gypsy’s”. I overcame my fears that day and I discovered a wonderful world full of adventure.

I visited a playground, a pool, a library and finally a fire station, where I was busted by my poor worried parents and hauled back home. While being lectured by my dear mom and dad (and yes being stolen by gypsy’s and weirdos did come up several times). My mind kept slipping back to my wonderful day of adventure. Although I didn’t realize it then, I was hooked on new adventures and wanderlust, all it took was overcoming some minor fears.

As a juvenile and into early adulthood I traveled extensively through Europe. On those adventures, I learned a lot about life and cultural diversity. ( I also learned a lot about the kindness of strangers when you had found yourself in a predicament and by all means of the word were “Screwed”) I found at that young age that you must spend some time in each area to truly discover all the side street gems and locals only treasures.

I took a break from long distance travel after that to raise a family. Although I wasn’t off in some exotic foreign land trying to barter a donkey ride for my cheap watch, I did discover how picturesque and wonderful Canada is. My two amazing kids have been dragged all around western Canada. While growing up camping and. The weekends grand adventures around western Canada kept them out of trouble, it built their wanderlust and captivated their inner side street adventurer.

These days the kids are off at school and I am on my biggest adventure so far. Join me as I slowly wander around mexico taking side street adventures and sharing them with you.

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